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My new obsession in my home…The Frame Wall!

After doing a lot of de-cluttering in my house recently, I was a little bummed that meant getting rid of the picture frames around the house with some of my favorite memories. I love seeing pictures of my family and friends, but I also love simplicity. So, I had to come to a compromise with myself. 🙂 I put together this picture frame wall of our family starting from the beginning of our relationship. I made sure to include all of the life changing events and milestones in our life and put them in order. This started with our engagement, marriage, first child, second child, the two of them meeting (my absolute favorite picture on this planet), and so on. Every time I look at the wall it just makes me smile to think how far we have come and be reminded of those special moments.

I would say my style has changed a lot in the last year, in ways I wouldn’t have expected. Having two kids and being surrounded by noisy toys and obnoxiously bright colored animals, my home decor is the last thing I can (kind of) control. For me that has meant getting rid of basically every color! Everything in my house has become muted tones of white, grey and tan, and the picture frame wall is no exception to this.

picture frame wall

Finding the Perfect Frame

After much searching for the perfect but “don’t break the bank” frame, I found these frames at Target and they’re exactly what I was hoping to achieve. I bought nine of them and have three rows of three which worked out perfect for my wall height. I have eight-foot ceilings so if yours are taller you may want to go four rows! They are high quality, metal brass frames and are glass (not plastic) which is awesome for the price! They are the 16×20″ size frame with 11×14″ pictures inside. The way they have it worded on their site, the 11×14 is the size picture it holds, not the size of the frame. So if you read the details on the product, it will say what size the actual frame is.

Here is the link to shop these frames

As of 8/6/17 it looks like Targets site for these specific frames isn’t working. (Im praying they aren’t discontinuing them!!) Until then, I’ve found a few frames that are extremely similar and tried to find the best price options as well!


These are very similarly priced to the Target ones as well! SHOP THE FRAME HERE.

These are the next option. They look almost identical but are a bit more expensive. The 15.5×19.5″ would be the comparable size. Shop similar frame here.

These are also a good option:


The Finishing Touch- Color

Another thing I did that really made this picture frame wall amazing is the color of the pictures. I was struggling because I didn’t want to go completely black and white, sepia wasn’t really what I was going for, and I thought it looked a little messy doing the full color since they didn’t look as uniform. So, I ended up editing all the pictures taking the saturation out almost all the way until there was just a little pop of color you were getting from each picture. I love how it turned out because they look uniform but still have a little of their origin state.

For those of you who have asked how I edited: I just used my Mac editor to take out the saturation.

Also, for those asking how I hung these, I used the backing it came with, measured out where I wanted each frame, put 2 marks on the wall for where each nail would go, nailed them in, hung the frame on the two nails each, and voila! They stay in place perfectly, don’t move at all, and my kids don’t mess with them since they are nice and tight on the wall.

I hope you guys love this picture frame wall as much as I do and are inspired to try some new things in your home! Is there anything in your home you’ve done lately that you’re like- Why didn’t I do this a long time ago!? Let me know! I’m always looking for new ideas 🙂

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